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Counterfeit $100 Bills Popping up Around Marietta

Posted on: 02/10/2017
By  Brett Wharff
Over the past two weeks the Marietta Police Department has been investigating multiple cases of counterfeit pre 2009 one hundred dollar bills. 
The Marietta Police Department is advising the public and businesses to take precaution when receiving one hundred dollar bills ESPECIALLY if they are older than the 2009 issue. 
WMOA News spoke with Marietta Chief of Police, Captain Aaron Nedeff and he explained that the bills are actual US currency considering the people that are making them are using small bills and turning them into hundreds.  This will fool the color chaning pen and will tell the person receiving the counterfeit money that it is authentic. 
It is extremely important to thoroughly inspect one hundred dollar bills!
  • Check the watermark:  Hold the bill up to the light and if you notice that the smaller version of Franklin's is missing or is a face from a different bill such as, Jefferson or Lincoln... IT'S FAKE.
  • Check the Corners: On the new hundreds (2009 and up) the number 100 in the bottom right will change colors from green and yellow when rotated. Bills from 1996-2009 (big face Ben) will have the color change between green and black. Counterfit bills will stay the same color in the bottom right corner.
  • Compare:  Find a hundred dollar bill that you know is real and make simple comparisons between the two notes.  Are all the numbers in the same area? Is the texture the same?  Is Franklin facing the same direction? These simple tasks could help you big time. 
Marietta Police stated that they have not had any cases involving the 2009 and newer bills.  The "Big Faced Benjamin" or one hundred dollar bill from 1996-2009 are most commonly used.  Bills dated between 1990 and 1996 (little Ben) should have a USA100 Security thread.  Bills dated between 1996 and 2009 as mentioned before will have the "100" in the lower right corner change color between green and black ink.  And the 2009 and newer bills will clearly have the blue hologram thread with Liberty Bells and 100 that move when tilted as well as the ink that changes color in the bottom right. 
Always check to make sure!  Visit USCurrency.gov to learn more about security features.  This website will tell you everything you need to know if you are wanting to spot a fake.  It could also be a good learning activity for kids in the house. You may even learn that there are things on the bills called "microprints"  that can't be very difficult to spot with the naked eye!  
Also if you are being presented with a $100 that you believe is a fake then you need to call 740-373-4141 or bring it to the Marietta Police if you are receiving or have received it in Marietta. 


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