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Pitbulls Loose in Waterford

Posted on: 06/07/2017
By  Brett Wharff
On June 5th, the Washington County Sheriff's Department were dispatched to Waterford in regards to a pit bull running loose.  Charges were filed on this date after several previous occurrences regarding the same residence and dogs.
The dog reportedly belongs to 29 year old Derek Vanhorn.  Back on May 30th a sheriff's deputy observed a male Pitbull and female Pitbull along with 4 PItbull puppies were running loose on the property.  As the deputy approached the residence in the patrol vehicle the male Pitbull reportedly came out into the roadway and appeared to be aggressive as it was allegedly barking and bearing it's teeth. 
No one was able to be contacted according to the sheriff's report.  The dog warden was then called to restrain the dog.
The following day on May 31st, the same deputy observed the same dogs still running loose on the property.
On the 3rd of June, the report says that a female was walking past vanhorn's property and stumbled over a puppy that was in the roadway. 
it was reported that Derek Vanhorn exited the residence with his white and tan Pitbull which was unrestrained.  The report says that Vanhorn began to yell profanities at the woman because he learned that she had pepper sprayed his tan and white Pittbull a few weeks earlier when it was in the roadway and charged toward her.
Vanhorn allegedly told the woman that the dogs were not aggressive and she better not hurt them.  The sheriff's department attempted to contact Vanhorn several times and the report also says that Vanhorn neglected to contact the department and a summons is being requested for Derek Vanhorn for failing to restrain and failing to register any of his dogs. 

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