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Man Charged After Firing Weapon

Posted on: 07/11/2017
By  Brett Wharff\
The Washington County Sheriff's Department were recently dispatched to Blennerhassett RV Park in Belpre in regards to a fight and a male shooting a gun. 
Once deputies arrived, they made contact with Billy Williamson of Montgomery Texas.  He was reportedly visitng a friend at the park.  The report says that the subject, Michael Campbell approached from another lot at the park and began offering moonshine to other people. 
Williamson advised the officers that he refused the offer and Campbell became angry.  The report continues and says that Campbell attempted to start a fight with Williamson who refused again, however the after the fight began, he had to defend himself.  Later, Williamson stated to officers that Campbell went to his camper for a gun, shot once in the ground, fled in a vehicle and shot the gun again. 
Other statements matched Williamson's testimony.  Deputies then began the search for Campbell and later learned that he was at the Belpre Police Department.
Upon interviewing Campbell, he admitted to drinking several different types of alchool including moonshine and also advised the officers that he did engage in a physical altercation with the victim and another unknown male and reportedly said that after it was over, he went to his camper for his gun and admitted to shotting two rounds from his revolver.
Further investigation led to a residence in Belpre where the weapon was located.  The homeowner advised officers that Campbell came into the home, placed the gun on the floor and told the homeowners that 2 people were quote "beating the hell out of him" and he fired his gun.
Campbell was placed under arrest for aggravated menacing, improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, handiling weapons while intoxicated and inducing panic.
He was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.  The report states that his BAC was .178.

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