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Marietta Main Street Seeks $25k

Posted on: 07/13/2017
By  Brett Wharff
Marietta Main Street is seeking to raise twenty five thousand dollars this summer for revitalization efforts in downtown Marietta.  Marietta Main Street is focused on economic Development through preservation and downtown beautification as well as bringing the community together through events downtown.
The preservation programs contribute to the economic success of the city.  According to a press release sent by Marietta Main Street, small towns with thriving beautifucation programs see an increase of nearly thirty percent in sales for their downtown businesses and it has been shown that community engaggement also increases.
Marietta Main Street is looking for your help so they can continue caring for and investing in our historic downtown.
Visit MariettaMainStreet.org to make your tax deductible donation.

Pooch Pool Party Cancelled

The previously announced Pooch Pool Party planned for Monday, August 21st 2017 at the Marietta Aquatic Center has been cancelled due to the distemper scare in the area.


Bobcat Beer

Starting this season, Ohio University in Athens will enact a new policy allowing the sale of beer during football games.

Scoreboard for Friday, August 18, 2017
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