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Damage to Vehicles

Posted on: 09/11/2017
By  Brett Wharff
Two people are in custody after Friday's vandalism spree on Fourth Street in Marietta. According to the Marietta Police Department, the Washington County Sheriff's Office along with several behicles and businesses were vandalized by two male subjects who were caught on surveillance cameras. Charges haven't been decided yet however the Chief wants everyone to remember how unncessary and pointless it is to do something like this to things that aren't yours.
The suspects are in custody. However you are still encouraged to call the Marietta Police Department at (740) 373-4141.

OH Christmas Tree

The Peoples Bank Theatre will be the site for a new event this year entitled, "OH, Christmas Tree!", a Benefit Auction for the Hippodrome/Colony Historical Theatre Association.


New Electronic Poll Books

The Washington County Board of Elections has upgraded its electronic poll books.

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