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Crack Sealing Areas, Brick Street Repair Areas, and Leaf Season

Posted on: 10/18/2017
By  Landon Santini
Within this week continuing into the week of October 23rd, the Marietta City Street Department will be performing their yearly duties of crack sealing various streets and road, repairing various brick streets, and doing annual leaf season clean-up. 
WMOA recently spoke with the Street Department's Superintendent Todd W. Stockel to clarify the nature of this work that's being done to Marietta's various roadways and streets.
"We do it annually every year, and it's based upon streets that were repaved three years ago. Towards the end of the third year, we go ahead and crack seal them up just to keep them in really good shape since they've got a fresh layer on it. And the same thing with the brick streets. That's just raising them, getting them back up to grade and getting the areas that are in bad shape. And the leaf season we do annually too."
Stockel also tells us that the Street Department's Leaf Season will commence next month on November 2nd and 3rd.
"We got two dump trucks with boxes on them, and we have a Gledhill leaf machine that that's got a big vacuum. And we go through and we pick up the leaves between the curb and the sidewalk. That's where we ask residents to pile the leaves. Then we just go one street at a time until they're all through, then we do the second round once we complete the first round."
The Street Department's Leaf Season work not only to keeps our roads and sidewalks clean of the surrounding foliage of our area's trees, but also ensures us that we all have clean water running through our homes and back into the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.
"We'll generally put up "No Parking" signs on one side of the street at a time in advance, that way the truck can go straight up a street. So I'd just ask them to be so considerate to watch. And we'll have a sign at the beginning of the block. They'll see a sign that says "No Parking" the next day, and we'll get through that section that particular day. It makes it a lot easier cause then we don't have to rake around vehicles that are parked on the side to get the leaves through the machine. We just go in a straight line."
Here is a complete work of areas, roadways, and streets that will be worked on during this timeframe.
  • Crack Sealing Areas
    1. Intersection of Front Street at Greene Street
    2. Front Street at Butler Street
    3. Brentwood Street
    4. Merryhill Lane
    5. Meadow Lane
    6. Charles Street
    7. Cogswell
    8. Eighth Street
    9. Fourth Street between Greene Street and Putnam Street
    10. Seventh Street between Pike Street and Wayne Street
    11. Scammel Street
    12. Washington Street between Second Street to Third Street
    13. West Sacra Via
    14. Barber Street and Barber Avenue
    15. Fort Street from Maple Street to dead end
    16. Vista Street and Virginia Street from Corporate Limit to Fearing Street
  • Brick Street Areas
    1. Putnam Street between Fourth Street and Fifth Street
    2. Westbound Lane of Butler Street at Marietta College
    3. Alley off of Scammel by Eli Chapman to new concrete section
    4. Mulberry near Typper has been completed

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