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Ben Marshall

I am a home-schooled farm boy from Monroe county with a degree in radio from Washington State Community College. For some reason I’m a fan of the Blue Jays and the Cowboys, and if you’ve ever met me, there is no doubt I love THE Ohio State University Buckeyes.
In the spring you can find me at Don Schaly stadium watching the 'Etta Express.
In the Summer I spend as much time as possible on my motorcycle, and in the winter I hibernate with pizza and video games.

Medicine Recommendations

Pharmacists are issuing a few reminders when it comes to medication. Medicine can make adults healthier, but can be dangerous to little ones.


Water Outage

Colgate Woods Drive and Stone Creek Drive will be experiencing work performed by the Marietta Water Distribution Department on a 6 inch water main.

Scoreboard for Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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