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The Bucket List

June 18, 2015
By Bryon Sunderman
Have you ever wondered why people were put on this world? What does the Earth have in store for us? Well this article has nothing to do with the classic 5 W's. Everybody would love to have a sit down with their spiritual leader and ask about the purpose of human life, but what if it is just life. Everybody should try to live life to the fullest. Have fun and enjoy it. It only happens once (barring reincarnation) so as the saying goes, “Take the bull by the horns!” The following is a bucket list comprised of enjoying life. If at all possible people should attempt to do these fun tasks. They will help bring back your inner child when the goals in life were just to seize the day and sneak some candy when nobody was looking.
The first thing on the list is travel. Traveling is a cliché but everyone wants to travel to their ideal location. People all differ in their choices, but some may never get to reach their destination due to putting it aside for other things that may arise. To have the availability and freedom to enjoy a sight that they have always wanted to go, is a breath of fresh air. Somebody would enjoy it so much that their stress would subside and they could relax without any worries. Even if it is just temporary, the notion of peace is a wanted idea for all. Whether it would be traveling abroad to foreign countries, in the states, or even locally, there is a lot that this world can offer without spending an abundant amount of money on. Mother Earth has given us so many wonderful sights that relaxing at the Grand Canyon would make her proud.
Secondly, every person should take the chance and drive their must have vehicle. Even if somebody has to fake a test drive at a dealership for the opportunity, they should do it. The freedom out on the open road with that vehicle would be the most exhilarating experience to have. On those rare vehicles to find all you would have to do is explain to the person that it was your dream car and it would mean the world to you if you could at least drive it around the block. In a perfect world they would agree to it and you could finally enjoy a nice ride in that rare 1971 Hemi Barracuda Convertible.
With the breeze in your face you begin to get a rush of excitement and want to do something daring like number three on our list, go white water rafting. Once again we are back outside enjoying nature and accepting the fact nobody can control the future of what lies ahead. Experiencing nature as you rush down the New River Gorge not knowing what's ahead would definitely make somebody feel blessed with all they have. With all the turns, twists, and uneasy water conditions, the splashing of the cool mist on your face would be a welcomed treat.
With the continued excitement of feeling young again, the transition to bungee jumping would just come natural. While enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer is recommended, having the ability to appreciate man-made structures is key as well. A person should bungee jump off one of these magnificent structures. With the danger being higher it would be great to do this with somebody else so you can have the motivation to go through with it. Since bungee jumping off of famous structures in the United States is frowned upon, it is more than likely that you would have to travel overseas to have the best bungee jumping experience. Maybe one day the dream of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge or St. Louis arches can be accomplished but until then it's off to New Zealand where this thrill originated from.
The thrills don't stop in this bucket list. The ultimate thrill of a lifetime would be skydiving. This is a hard task to accomplish because of the stress levels included. The fear of heights, planes, and the fact you have to trust somebody you don't know with your life can take a toll in the preparation stage. The best part of preparation is many people who decide to skydive can take courses designed to help ease the nerves beforehand. The instructor explains all of the safety precautions taken to guarantee a safe trip. Although it seems like it would be an uneasy task, skydiving is by far the ultimate thrill. This joy ride would break all barriers in what you have accomplished because it is a guarantee that you will be talking about this event for the rest of your life.
While boasting about the thrill of skydiving it might be nice to come back to Earth and be more humble. Since most people cannot accomplish many things on their bucket list until the later years of life, they should try and give back to the community that helped raise them. Volunteers are always needed in local areas and a person should give back their time and effort when possible. It is a good reminder that the only way you grew up the way you did was because somebody took the time and effort themselves to make you a better person. Whether it was your parents, teacher, spiritual leader, or other community members, it would be a pleasure to give back that knowledge to the younger generations. Volunteering can take minimal time and effort but the smiles on those faces knowing that somebody cares about them are a better payment than money every time.
If we are going to talk about a bucket list than food has to be in it. Everybody has different taste buds but in the end we all enjoy a special type of food. If seafood is your thing then go to the New England states for the best seafood you can find. If your cravings are for a hot dog then check out Hillbilly Hot Dogs in West Virginia. If your taste buds lead you to a Roethlisburger than you need to head to Pittsburgh pronto. But, if you're going to enjoy a favorite food platter than you might as well do it in a big way. Take a food challenge! Restaurants all over the place make crazy food challenges and the fun of just attempting one would be comical in its own right. I'm a sucker for a good burger and the chance to win a prize will lure me in every time.
Taking in the environment of a live sporting event can be more entertaining than the game itself. America's favorite pastime is considered baseball but all sporting events are exciting in their own right. A lot of people can't watch a professional baseball game on television because of the pace. This is why people do not enjoy baseball as much as they once did. On television a baseball game seems to take forever and a fan doesn't get the satisfaction the sport once gave them. Being able to watch one of these professional teams live is an experience that you can tell your grandchildren about. In person it seems that everything is fast paced and the time goes by quickly. There are no commercials to watch and the fun things the ballparks do in between innings are just as enjoyable. Major League Baseball games are relatively cheap considering the teams gets their income from selling advertisement space around the ballpark and concessions. The entertainment of watching a bunch of pirogi's run around the warning track is fun and of course having the chance to catch a flying hot dog being shot out of a cannon is undeniably pure amusement.
As people age they begin to enjoy the finer things in life. When out for dinner, wine may be offered as the beverage of choice but you don't know how to choose. In order to learn about wine it would be recommended that everyone should attempt a wine tasting course. A person can gain the knowledge at hand to choose which color and flavor of wine goes with what meals, and the proper etiquette on drinking it. Adults should jump at the opportunity to learn new things especially on topics that interest them. Even if you don't understand that much about wine at the end of the course, at least you got to taste some good booze and have a good time.
Wrapping up the bucket list is retirement. Everyone should have the joy of retiring where they want. If you like warm temperatures head to Florida, if you like colder temperatures go to Maine, or if you're like me and just want to enjoy a calming and peaceful retirement, get yourself a nice ranch in Montana. Whatever your heart desires in retirement you should get. You have busted your butt for a living and now it's time to sit back and enjoy all the hard work you put in. You have the right to do what your heart desires. If you want to go to bingo everyday, do it. If golf is your thing, go play a few rounds a week. If fishing on a pond at your own property while watching the cattle graze tickles your fancy, than by all means grab a 12 pack and come sit right next to me.

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