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The Biggest Pot Hole in Marietta.... The Winner Is....

February 8, 2017
By Brett Wharff
I am pretty good when it comes to dodging potholes but something just went wrong and I sort of fell in a hole.
When is the last time you have been on the one way road behind the Lafayette?  Connects with Butler?  Well I was rolling down there, not paying attention, and just SLAMMED into this pothole.  I had to readjust my mirrors.  And of course you can't slow down that much in the time it takes for the front tire to jump out of the crater to make room for your back tire.  It was like a double punch in the face. 
Potholes are of course caused by rain and snow and freeze/thaw cycles and it is just what happens!  It's inevitable.  
Look at this picture.
Now this doesn't look like much but it does have quite a bit of water in it and it HURT. So I took a Tylonel and started thinking of some of the other unavoidable potholes around town.  The City of Marietta always works hard to get these potholes covered quickly and we thank them so much for that.  With the recent mood swings that Mother Nautre has been going through, it's pretty difficult to keep up with all of the new potholes that come about.  Patients is key and just know that they will be fixed soon. IT'S NOT THE CITY'S FAULT!
Here is another one.  This is in the 700 block of Lancaster just down the road from the radio station.  I don't know what is scarier... hitting this pothole at thirty five miles per hour or running out in the street to take this picutre.  It's always smart to slow down instead of just illegally driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the hole.  
I do think it is cool that you can see the original bricks though!  I always like thinking of the past when our streets were paved with bricks as my suspension rattles and my shocks compress ultimately slamming my tire to the underside of my fender.  
So tell us where other enormous potholes are located around town.  We would love to find out. 

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