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The Real Champion of News Broadcasting

February 9, 2017
By Brett Wharff
So this is a Greek radio station called City 99.5.  I don't know for sure but that is certainly what the banner says in the background before it bursts into flames.  Now the guy that is on the air is speaking a different language but being a news guy It's pretty clear that he is reading the headlines. 
Just a nice newscast and then the floor catches on fire... he notices this and just keeps going on with the news.  Then he decides to try and put it out with his foot while he is still broadcasting... what a CHAMP.  This makes the fire much much worse.  See any other person would have said.. "This is a look at your Thursday news.. We'll take a break and be back after this." either that or "The radio station is on fire, stick around."   Not this guy.  He is a pro and the pros DON'T GO TO BREAK FOR ANYTHING.  Not even a fiery radio studio.
Watch the video down below.  And if anyone speaks/understands the language he is speaking, let us know what he is going on about. 

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