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Bridge Speed Limits in Marietta

February 24, 2017
By Brett Wharff
I think this is an important piece of advice.  I was driving to work the other morning and realized that there wasn't a speed limit across the Washington Street Bridge or the Putnam Street Bridge.  We were talking about it on the Jonsey and Bays morning show and after all that wrapped up I wanted to figure it out so I called the Marietta Police Department. 
If you are in a hurry then I'll just go ahead and tell you that the limit across the Washington Street Bridge is 35 miles per hour.  Putnam Street Bridge is 25.  
I spoke with Marietta Police Department Captain, Aaron Nedef and he filled me in on a few things and gave me more advice that wasn't asked for.  I always love people that go above and beyond the call of duty because I learn so much more, so thank you for the help, MPD!! 
Captain Nedef told me that since the Washington Street Bridge is outside of the Business District and is a State Route the speed limit is automatically thirty five unless it's posted otherwise.  
The Putnam Street Bridge is 25 because it is in the Business District and city owned.  
Everyone has been down atleast one alley way in Marietta in their life.  Something has always been missing though... speed limit signs.  Captain Nedef told me that all of the alley ways in Marietta are 15MPH.  So if you are flying down the alley at 38... you are definitely speeding.  
Hope this helps!  Have a nice day. 

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