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4 Year Old Girl Swept Away With Storm Door in Lyndhurst

March 10, 2017
By Brett Wharff
This new 4 year old legend has been sweeping the internet almost quicker than the high Ohio winds swept her off of her feet.  In Lyndhurst Ohio the high winds hit the inside of a storm door that the little girl was opening and it swept her right off of her feet and then wrapped around the house.  
Everything is absolutely fine and the video has been gaining TONS of popularity around the world.  
The reason she is such a legend is because she kept a fantastic grasp on that door the entire time NOT TO MENTION her mom's cell phone she was messing around with in the backseat to stay entertained while her mom was driving to the house. 
Check it out here. 

Pooch Pool Party Cancelled

The previously announced Pooch Pool Party planned for Monday, August 21st 2017 at the Marietta Aquatic Center has been cancelled due to the distemper scare in the area.


Bobcat Beer

Starting this season, Ohio University in Athens will enact a new policy allowing the sale of beer during football games.

Scoreboard for Friday, August 18, 2017
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