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Post-Election Report: Two Contested Races Remain, County Overwhelmingly Goes Republican
Posted on: 11/07/2012
By  Kylie Smith
Contributed to by Mike Cullums and Kylie Smith:
After all 56 precincts of Washington County were reported as of 9:45 p.m. on election night, there remains a contested race and a ballot issue, both so close that the final results could differ from last night’s unofficial vote count.

First, in one of two races for Washington County Commissioner, Ron Feathers likely defeated incumbent Cora Marshall by 321 votes, out of more than 27,000 votes cast. WMOA News spoke with Feathers on election night…

“We’re pretty excited (with the results) and I think our message resonated with the voters,” said Feathers. “I want to thank the voters, the donors, and all the workers who worked on my behalf.”

The other very close result involved the Washington County Children’s Services levy, which lost by 428 votes out of 28,000.

It’s unlikely but possible that final results could differ in these two races because there are 1,222 provisional and absentee votes still to be counted - that won’t happen until the final official count on Monday, November 19th.

Children’s Services’ Ginny McVey is holding out hope.

“If we can get fifty percent of those (provisional and absentee ballots), we might get this levy passed and I hope and pray that we do,” said McVey. “It’s going to be very difficult to continue operating the way we are now, with a shortage of funds, so the new County Commissioners and Board, if it does go down, will have to make a decision on how they’re going to fund the agency.”

In the other Commissioner’s race, for an open seat, David White defeated Peg Littler. White said voters expressed an overwhelming show of support for him, “I’ve never felt anything like this before and I’m grateful to all the people out there who worked so hard for this campaign and helped put me over the top.”

Randall Burnworth will join Ed Lane on the Court of Common Pleas in January.

WMOA News spoke with Burnworth shortly after the unofficial results of all precincts were revealed. “I’m thrilled and honored that the community has seen fit to elect me judge; it’s an incredible honor and great responsibility and I look forward to serving the public,” said Burnworth.

His opponent, fellow magistrate Mark Kerenyi, expressed a desire to stay in public service. “I’m obviously disappointed and would have very much liked to have won, but it was my first election and this is Randy’s fifth, so he has a lot of running experience. I’ll definitely run again – I’m 46 years of age and have got a second shot coming up.”

Marietta and Washington County are split into two Ohio House districts. The incumbents won both.

While Little Hocking’s Charles Richter narrowly won his home county, he was swamped by Debbie Phillips in Athens County. She also won Meigs and Vinton. 

Marietta’s Andy Thompson won his new district, picking up Washington, Noble and Carroll counties while Charlie Daniels won Belmont and Harrison.

In the Ohio Senate race, Lou Gentile lost Washington County “big” but still won the district against challenger Shane Thompson.

First-term Sixth District Congressman Bill Johnson won the rematch with his predecessor, Charlie Wilson by a 53 to 47 percent margin, including a nearly 5,000 vote margin in Washington County. WMOA News spoke with the Congressman after his local victory was announced.

“It means a big deal to me; we live in Washington County and here in Marietta so it’s always a comfort and gives you confidence when you get the vote from those you live closest to, your friends and neighbors – it means a lot to me that we won Washington County by that margin.”

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