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Major Changes Coming for GED Test
Posted on: 12/03/2012
By  Kylie Smith

Those seeking a GED – general equivalency diploma – will see a big change in 2014 with a higher cost, and a computer-based, more difficult format. 

WMOA News spoke with The Career Center’s GED Test Administrator Marty Clark, who says the current GED test is on-paper, costs $40, and has separate parts that can be re-taken if not passed.

“If you started your GED and still haven’t finished it, you can still finish it now,” explains Clark, “But once 2014 gets here that cannot be done. You will be starting over with a brand new test of higher level difficulty – not just because it’s on the computer, the level of knowledge and skill is going to be higher, starting in 2014.”

Test changes also include being completely on the computer and costing $120, triple the current amount.

Clark says starting this January, The Career Center – Adult Technical Training Center will be offering the current version both on-paper and on a computer.

“We’re doing that so people can get accustomed to it before the new test comes out, instead of waiting till 2014 and all of us trying to do the new computer-based test.”

He recommends those with little or no computer skills to prepare now.

“I would suggest people go ahead and get those skills honed so they can be more comfortable with the new test. The younger generation is already going to be more ready for the computer-based test because they’ve grown up around computers; but my generation didn’t and it will be a barrier for some,” says Clark.

Free computer classes are available at The Career Center and Marietta Library. You can call the career center for a schedule at 373.6283 or the library at 373.1057.

Marty Clark says people can practice for the GED through a few different resources: Washington State Community College hosts the free Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) program at its campus or you can go online to www.gedpractice.com and www.finishtheged.com.

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