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Colony Theatre fundraising complete with bank donation
Posted on: 02/27/2013
By  Andy Rex

The final piece of funding to restore the Colony Theatre in downtown Marietta is now in place. The Theatre Association and Peoples Bank announced this morning (Wednesday) that the bank has donated $250,000 to the restoration project, completing a $7 million fundraising effort. 
The theatre will also be renamed “Peoples Bank Theatre.”  Bank President and CEO Chuck Sulerzyski says the bank and the theatre naturally fit together
“The bank’s been in this town for over 100 years, and the theatre has been a big part of it for most of the years.  The bank has been a long-time supporter of the theatre.  They were trying to get this reopen for a couple decades, and getting so close with all the community support.  We’re just really excited and grateful to be able to put it over the top.”
Theatre Association Development Director Hunt Brawley says it’s been an effort of over a decade to raise the funds necessary to restore the theatre, and now the group is ready to move forward
“It’s obviously a large array of funding sources.  Almost $2 million in private money, and a million and a half in public money.  Tax credits are the largest funding arm of that.  The federal, state, and new markets tax credit are over $4 million.  It really is a collection of community support and other funding.  This was really the last piece we were looking for to move forward.”
Brawley says he believes construction can now begin in June, and the theatre be reopened by spring of next year, bringing in first class show
“We hope to have, and the reason we’re involved in this, is to put on the types of shows that we really can’t get into this region.  Not unless you drive to Columbus, Charleston or Cleveland.  We can get the major national touring shows and traveling acts that are hard to put in here.”
Brawley says that once reopened, the goal is for the theatre to provide 110 days of entertainment and activities each year – ranging from local to national acts.
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