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Thompson Says Kasich's Budget Proposal Needs Sent 'Back to the Laboratory'
Posted on: 03/29/2013
By  Mike Cullums
There’s a lot of debate among Ohio Republicans, who control both houses of the General Assembly, concerning Governor John Kasich’s tax overhaul proposal.
The governor wants to cut the state income tax by twenty percent; cut the state sales tax by half a cent; expand the range of the goods and services upon which the sales tax is applied; and impose a severance tax on oil and gas drilling.
WMOA News asked State Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) where Kasich’s tax proposal stands, and what he’d like to see as a final result.
“I think the sales tax proposal has proved to be very unpopular. I think we’re going to be reformulating things and send the whole thing back to the laboratory,” Thompson says. "We still want to do a (income) tax cut for Ohio citizens because we realize we need to be more competitive with other states. So we’ll be coming out with more proposals in the next couple weeks. The budget as it was proposed was just not going to draw a lot of votes.”
As for the seemingly eternal issue of state school funding, Thompson says, “We’ve got some tweaking to do on the school funding proposal, as well, to make sure it truly does reward the poorer districts in the state.”
There have been news reports and superintendents’ comments that less wealthy school districts, might actually see a decrease in state funding in the next state budget.
Thompson says that’s not a done deal; that it involves funding for school transportation on which the House and Senate have not yet voted. He says his goal is to at least keep state school funding stable, and preferably with some increase in the the next biennial budget.
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