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First Responders Use Grim Crash Scenario to Encourage Prom Season Safety
Posted on: 04/26/2013
By  Mike Cullums
Prom season is upon us, and first responders often set up mock crash scenes as to show students about dangers that can occur around prom time. One such mock crash takes place this morning in the Davis Avenue parking lot at Marietta High School.
The Devola Volunteer Fire Company is coordinating the event, and assistant fire chief J. J. Bichard cheerfully admits: It’s basically a scare tactic.
“They see mangled cars. They see people laying around with blood on them. There’s a bunch of equipment being used to cut people out.  Law enforcement gets involved. They’ll simulate giving somebody a field sobriety test; maybe slap the cuffs on them. It lets the students see things that they don’t want to necessarily see.”
Bichard says a lot of planning that goes into the mock crash.
“It does take a little bit of time. There’s several agencies that we contact to get involved.  The Marietta Fire Department helps, Marietta Police, the Sheriff’s Office, the Highway Patrol, MedFlight flies in.”
While the main purpose is to warn students about the dangers of drinking and driving, Bichard says first responders are increasingly dealing with the consequences of other dangerous behavior by area teens.
“For years, you always heard about drunk driving. Now, recently, kids texting while driving has become a real issue. There’s just more and more kids everyday that are getting involved in accidents and killing themselves or someone else.”   
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