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Posted on: 06/20/2017
By  Drew Rucker
An off-season that was already set to be an interesting one, took a couple interesting turns yesterday. Multiple reporters yesterday reported the Indiana Pacers had contacted the Cleveland Cavaliers about their superstar, Paul George. Early reports were not sure if it was just a courtesy call or if there was substance behind it. A little later in the afternoon Fox Sports Ohio, Sam Amico reported that the report was not only true, but they had made a little bit of ground on the framework of the deal and stated that it would be a multiple player deal, centered around Kevin Love and Paul George if it were to eventually happen. There was speculation that the Lakers may jump into the circle if the Cavaliers and Pacers got close to a deal.
A little later in the evening, around 6pm, different reports surfaced that the Cavaliers were also talking to the Chicago Bulls, trying to get a multi team deal put together to acquire Bulls superstar, Jimmy Butler. Fans started discussing on social media what either trade would look like and felt that a crazy day, full of rumors and reports could not get any crazier. Oh, were they all completely wrong.
Around 7:30 pm, reports surfaced that Cavaliers GM, David Griffin, was being let go after disagreeing with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert on the direction of the teams future. Not only was Griffin walking, but they were letting Trent Redden go as well. Both Griffin and Redden were highly respected around the league. This not only came as a shock to the fans, but the Cavaliers players as well.
Shortly after that report, more reports surface that former Detroit Pistons all-star and future hall of famer, Chauncey Billups was the Cavaliers lead candidate to bring in to the Cavaliers front office. The reports were not sure if they were looking to bring him in as GM or President of Basketball Operations. Billups has no front office experience, but if brought in as Pres. Of Basketball Ops, he would be in charge of hiring a new GM. This would be the ideal situation if that is the route they are going moving forward.
This situation the Cavaliers are in has a chance to have a trickle-down effect. Do the Cavaliers find a move to make this off-season? How does this effect LeBrons eventual decision? Where are the Cavaliers sitting after this season? The next few days can do a lot about putting some of those questions to rest or quiet them down. Regardless, this was possibly the worst possible time for something like this to happen as it was an extremely important off-season. They needed to get this right and Dan Gilbert continues to let his ego control what he does. This off-season can be described as fluid and can go many ways. Lets hope for the sake of Cavaliers fans, that they get it right. 

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