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Posted on: 02/05/2018
By  Drew Rucker
The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the midst of losing 13 of their last 20 games. They have been absolutely awful since the calendar year turned over. Many reasons have been suggested as to what the downfall has been from Isaiah Thomas to Tristan Thompson being back and healthy. In my opinion, the Cavs downfall started this summer. The Cavs were in possibly the most important off season in franchise history, with a chance to improve the team that had already made it to 3 straight NBA Finals. Most believed that even with no improvements, the Cavs would run through the Eastern Conference once again. That was until Cavs budding superstar, Kyrie Irving made a decision that he wanted out of Cleveland, which ended up being the smaller of the dominos that would fall.
Going into the off season the Cavs knew that GM David Griffin was set to be a free agent, but most expected him to come to terms on a new deal. History repeated itself and Griffin would end up being the 4th GM since owner Dan Gilbert took over the team in 2005. None of the 4 GMs Dan Gilbert has had to lead the team has stayed past their initial contract. This has and always will be a problem for many reasons. Most times when a GM is let go it is because they feel like they have someone who is better suited to take over. Luckily for Gilbert, every GM he has had take over the team has happened to be better than the last once, until now. David Griffin was not only in charge of making personnel decisions and coaching staff decisions, he also had a hand in keeping egos in check, which is big for a team with as many big names as the Cavs have rostered the past 4 years. Griffin was a man of many miracles, as he would make deals that come out of nowhere, that hardly cost the Cavs anything.
Over the summer, the Cavs and Griffin had a couple of deals that would have acquired Paul George and Eric Bledsoe. Griffin was let go before he could finalize those deals. Reports since then have said that Griffin offered to stay on as GM and guide the Cavs through the draft process and help finalize those deals, but Gilbert told him he was not interested in such. That moment was more than likely the ultimate turning point in the future of the Cavaliers franchise.
The Cavs as they currently sit have too many guys who have too many agendas, such as getting paid this off season instead of finding their way to fit into the team. This is causing some trust issues and lack of effort in the past couple of weeks.
A report has surfaced in the past couple of days that the Cavs brass are moving forward with the mindset of a rebuild if LeBron leaves. Reading this left me dumbfounded at how a group of people could have the best player in the world on their team, yet are going to fool around and force him to leave the team for the second time because of their lack of aggressiveness. Do I think they should move the Nets pick? It is a tricky situation to me. The Cavs as they sit are not one piece away from matching the Warriors. It will take a couple of moves to get them to that level, but I would move the Nets pick in the right move. It would have to be for a younger type player who has years left on his roster and would be an immediate upgrade at the position they play. It would have to net the Cavs not only that, but some pieces that could fit in as well.
The Cavaliers could make an early exit in the playoffs and LeBron could end up leaving in the off season, but the Cavs can not look at it that way. They must do what they can to give themselves the best chance at keeping Lebron for years to come. The Cavs have too much talent to play as bad as they have, but will they get it figured out and start playing better basketball? That will be something to watch. The days between now and Thursday may have a big impact on the Cavs future for years to come. Like Lebrons good friend Chris Paul said, we should not take LeBron for granted. When he is gone, the Cavs will once again never be the same.

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