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National Do a Favor For a Grouch Day

February 16, 2017
By Brett Wharff
The day is National Do a Favor For a Grouch Day.  We have all been grouchy before and we certainly all know atleast one person who is either grouchy sometimes or just full blown having a bad day every day.  
I saw that this was being celebrated Nationwide and it reminded me of a story from just about a month ago.  
I was at the gas station in Marietta and my brain goes a thousand miles a minute all the time.  When I see something that is potentially funny then my brain goes to work and most of the time I find something to at least make myself laugh.  
This one was a little different though.  I was second in line and there was a little old lady buying a 12 pack of beer.  Pretty standard gas station stop.  Then I noticed that she was a little flustered about something.  She just seemed like she may be having sort of a bad day.  So of course... my brain kicks into gear... "Okay Brett, what is wrong with this woman and what can you do to make her smile before she walks outside?  This is your goal... Make.  Her.  Smile."  Alright brain, thanks.  
People can normally get a good sense of how old someone is just by looking at them and if you work in a situation where you have to sell alcohol then your sixth sense of telling how old someone is could be even better.  I guessed that this lady was probably in her early 60's and the guy behind the counter didn't check her license.  He knew she was older than 21, I knew she was, SHE knew she was and no one even thought a thing about it.  Except for me of course. 
So since she just seemed to be miserable and having a terrible day I stood behind her left shoulder that way when she turned around to head out of the door she would be forced to look at me.  Once she did turn around it worked like a dream.  She turned around to the left and looked at me and I said to her.  "I thought for sure that the guy behind the counter was going to check your I.D."  It felt like ages before she finally cracked a big smile and said "That is very nice of you."  Then she turned the rest of the way around and walked out the door.  I hope her day got better.  
So if you only want to celebrate National Do a Favor For a Grouch Day only on National Do a Favor For a Grouch Day, that is up to you but it's always worth the risk to make somebody smile!  
Special Thanks to: Grant, Kelsey, Dwight and my big sister Ashley for helping out with the story heard on WMOA AM1490. 

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