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Fleming Couple Arrested For Explicit Writings

Posted on: 07/27/2017
By  Brett Wharff
An investigation began by the Washington County Sheriff's Department back on July 23rd regarding Nathaniel Dowler and Jennifer Blosser.
The report states that explicit information was located during the investigation regarding their son.  The explicit writings were pertaining to a sexual relationship with their 16 month old son.
The report continues and states that most of the notes were from November of 2016 to February 2016.  Notes were addressed from Blosser to Dowler and Dowler to Blosser and are in a sexual nature.
Some of the notes according to the Sheriff's Office refer to their unborn child being introduced to the "Lifestyle."
Also on the 23rd, the Sheriff's department along with help from the Parkersburg Police Department and Wood County Child Protective Services met with Blosser and Dowler.  Jennifer Blosser was read her Miranda Rights and she was also informed that police were in possession of the "Green Notebooks."  Blosswer was asked if she knew what the green notebooks were and she allegedly acknowledged that she did.
Upon talking to Nathaniel Dowler, he was reportedly asked where he lived when his son was born, to which he responded, in the Barlow Township.  The reports state that the notebooks were found after Blosser and Dowler moved from their previous home and left them behind.  Dowler also acknowledged that he knew about the notebooks and stated "it's just a way to write down my thoughts, ones I can't talk about."
The child was placed in custody of the Wood County Child Protective Services.
26 year old Nathaniel Kenneth Dowler was arrested for Pandering Obscenities involving a minor, importuning and child endangerment.
25 year old Jennifer Blosser was also arrested for child endangerment.  Both are currently incarcareted according to Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.  Their court date was this morning (Thursday) and their preliminary hearings are set for August 2nd. 

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