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Brown Discusses Plan to Protect Ohio Pensions and Keep Promises to Ohio Workers

Posted on: 11/08/2017
By  Landon Santini

On November 8th, 2017, Senator Sherrod Brown hosted a news conference to discuss his plan to ensure Ohio retirees can keep the pensions they have earned. Numerous Ohio pension plans are currently on the brink of failure and threatened by massive cuts.

Brown stated that he's been attempting to pick-up republican co-signers for his newly proposed piece of legislation.

"We're just introducing it now. We've been in talks with a number of Republicans. We have an advisory group on this, an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. I don't think we've said who's in it yet, but there are a number of Republicans whose names you will know who is working on this. We need slight changes in the bill."

Here is what Brown hopes this new bill will accomplish in safely securing your pension plan.

"Local 17 Iron Workers, they will be whole. Whether the cuts have already started or whether they haven't for the biggest part of this bill; the central state; we haven't started. This plan will work for them. We've talked to all of these pensioners. We've talked to multiple experts on this. We've talked to all kinds of people from Wallstreet and people that have done all this kind of work."

However, Brown also tells us that the U.S. Senate is providing a major roadblock to this bill.

"Apparently the Senate's going to release a bill on Friday on the Senate committee, then we're going to mark it up on Monday. They know that the bill is so weighted towards the richest people in the country. It is still weighted towards them against the middle-class that they don't want it to see the light of day. But the more it stinks the more the public will hate it."


Brown plans to introduce legislation that will put the pension plans back on solid footing and lead the charge to include a fix for pensions in Congress' year-end priorities.

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